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EDI Segment Specific Requirements

Camino Real Kitchens will accept transaction set 875 (Grocery Product Purchase Orders) from anyone willing to transmit them so long as you can provide the following information:

  • Distribution Center Name/City

  • Pallet Layer Configurations (if needed)

  • Customer Pickups

  • Labeled Product Orders

Distribution Center Name/City

Currently, Camino does not use a fully automated EDI package. In order to properly route orders to the right customer service representative, we need more information than just the DUNS number. You must provide the city name of the distribution center in the N4-01 segment for us to become EDI partners with you. 

Pallet Layer Configurations

Some customers require special layered pallet configurations. One example would be a pallet with one layer of 13 cases of our 5oz Red Hot Beef product and three layers of 13 cases of our Bean and Cheese product. 

This inforamtion must be provided in the segments provided by UCS Pallet Block and Tiers segment. This is segment G70 and is indicated with a six digit number. The first three digits represent the number of cases per layer, and the last three digits represent the number of layers per pallet. 

If you wanted one line item on your Purchase Order to put on pallets at 3 layers of 13 cases each, the segment would be 013003. 

Customer Pickups

If your company will occasionally schedule your own pickup of our product, you must indicate this within the purchase order. This information should be reflected in the Shipment Transportation Method and FOB Method Code segments. These are segments G66-01 and G66-02. In order to indicate a customer pickup, the G66-01 segment should be PB to indicate Customer Pickup/Backhaul. The G66-02 segment should be H to indicate a Customer Pickup transportation method. 

Labeled Product

Some customers require product with guidelines that are specific to their needs. For example, a customer might require product with adhesive stickers indicating the product's price. Another customer might require product with a Sell By: date. If you have a special requirement such as this, you must indicate it in the Sender's Note field (NTE-02) of your EDI purchase order.

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