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EDI Implementation Issues

Camino Real Kitchens would like to become one of your trading partners in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In order for this to happen, we must ensure that all critical data is transmitted in a format that allows us to process Grocery Product Purchase Orders correctly. If our needs cannot be satisfied, then it will not be possible for Camino Real Kitchens to trade data electronically. 

General Requirements:

  • Parallel Testing - Camino Real Kitchens requires a parallel testing period of no less than 6 months, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. During this testing period, Camino Real Kitchens will still receive faxed purchase orders from the customer's broker. During this parallel phase, the faxed purchase orders will be considered the original and final order. After the testing period has ended and has been determined successful and after consent of both parties, purchasing may be considered live. When purchasing has gone live, the order from the broker need not be sent to Camino Real Kitchens.

  • Canceled/Revised Orders - All notification of cancelled and/or revised orders must be handled by the customer. A predetermined method of notification to Camino Real Kitchens must be established. This method of notification may be either a phone call from the buyer, or via an electronic UCS 876 transaction (Grocery Products Purchase Order Change). No matter what route is chosen, Camino Real Kitchens must be notified of the change or cancellation.

EDI Contacts:

Customer Service Manager

Lee Ann Vasquez

Data Analyst

Hai Trieu

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